House Removals 
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Quote/Estimate?
Requesting a quote on is simple. Let us know the point of pickup and the point of delivery and what it is you need moved. This will allow us to determine the man power and distance to be covered and get back to you with an estimated price. If you have more than one item make sure to list them so that we are aware of all items of transportation.
How do I pay?
At this time we do not accept online payments but it will becoming into use in the coming months. Currently all payments are made to Transport Mullingar in cash at the
point of Delivery or Pickup. If you are having an item(s) delivered you pay Cash On Delivery (COD), likewise if you are having item(s) picked up you pay Cash On Pickup (COP).
Can you provide storage for items?
Yes, at this time we can provide storage for a limited amount of items. Arrangements can be made with Transport Mullingar when you call 086 3097469.
How do I pay?
Yes, we can provide an out of hours service. For this it is recommended to contact Transport Mullingar on 086 3097469.
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